Founded with a difference...

Integrationworx Ltd. was formed in 2006 by long-time co-workers who wanted to create a company that was different and better than everywhere they had worked during their careers. Different in how we worked with our customers, different in how we treated our staff. Nearly ten years later, Integrationworx is beginning to grow at a rapid pace and has offices in Winnipeg and Calgary with plans to expand in other Canadian cities.


Our Difference

  • Local. A locally owned and operated company employing only local staff and contractors.
  • Team. Core team members have worked closely together for over 15 years. Our philosophy of strong teamwork is present in everything we do and visible to our clients.
  • Independent. We are proudly product and platform independent which allows us to focus on what is the best solution for our clients.
  • Business First. We are business-focused rather than technology-focused. We help our customers align solutions to support business strategies. We believe that investment in technology should make business sense.

Our Experience

  • Senior Resources focused on BI/DW. The five principal Consultants of Integrationworx average 12 years of data warehousing / B.I. experience and 18 years of IT experience.
  • Specialized in our Discipline, Diverse in our Skill Set. All of our consultants have range and diversity of skill within BI/DW/Integration ranging from developer roles to architects and strategists. Our team members have a broad skill set allowing them to assume any project role that the client requires.
  • Large Scale, Small Scale. We have worked on large multi-year, multi-million dollar enterprise-level projects as well as short, conservative budget “first-start” projects. We know how to adapt and scale our approach and solutions to fit our client’s needs.