Machine 360

Machine 360: An IIoT Solution

Sensor data is a staple in the IIoT and Manufacturing 4.0 space. Equipment performance monitoring and downstream analytics based on sensor data provides valuable insights into operational/production efficiencies and productivity. However, the division between OT and IT has historically made extracting this data from SCADA & Data Historians both time and labor intensive. Machine 360 allows you to monitor your sensor data in real time to make informed decisions and create actionable tasks from comprehensive analysis and reporting/monitoring. Both scalable and flexible, Machine 360 allows you to monitor your data in heterogenous environments comprised of multiple technology providers wherever they are located.

Machine 360 benefits:

  • Enables rapid deployment toward enterprise insights through its quick start solution and connectors to existing SCADA and data historian server infrastructure
  • Enables the reduction of downtime events to boost productivity and avoid commercial or regulatory fines
  • Allows sharing with partners for joint mitigation planning and improved efficiencies
  • Reduces HSE-relevant (health, safety and environmental) events
  • Optimizes operational plans to boost yield and reduce waste

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