This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information collected by Integrationworx Ltd. servers during your visits to Integrationworx Ltd. websites. This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice to you, so we recommend that you review it regularly. By using this site you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.

Privacy and confidentiality

Integrationworx Ltd. is committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of information it receives, in accordance with applicable law. Integrationworx Ltd. has established and will continue to maintain reasonable safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information. However, you acknowledge and confirm that the Internet is not a secure medium where privacy and confidentiality can be guaranteed. Your confidential use of this site cannot be guaranteed and you acknowledge that your use of this site (including information you transmit to the site) may be subject to access or manipulation by, or disclosure to, third parties. Without limiting any other disclaimer herein, Integrationworx Ltd. and its affiliates shall not be responsible or liable for any damages that you or any other person may suffer in connection with any such breach of privacy, confidentiality or security.

Personal information we collect

Communication with Integrationworx Ltd.: If you send Integrationworx Ltd. information through our "Contact Us" or "Career" site features, the e-mail address or phone number you provide will be used to contact you with our reply. Resumes submitted via our website will be kept confidential and will not be distributed to third parties without explicitly obtaining your permission. Integrationworx Ltd. will never send you an e-mail message requesting personal information unless previously arranged by phone or in person.

Marketing from Integrationworx Ltd.: You may receive notice of special offers or marketing/advertisements directly from Integrationworx Ltd. at the e-mail address you provide on our “Contact Us” page. At your request, you may opt out of receiveing such communication from Integrationworx Ltd. We will never sell your information to any third parties, or share it with any other organization for marketing purposes.


E-mail security

The security of e-mail communication cannot be guaranteed. Any person wishing to communicate or send information of a private or confidential nature to Integrationworx Ltd. or a third party is encouraged to do so by other means.

E-mail Fraud

Be cautious of e-mail and websites purporting to represent a legitimate company and that ask you to provide confidential or financial information. It is not Integrationworx Ltd.’s practice to e-mail you to ask you to provide or confirm any kind of personal or financial information, other than as may occur in response to an inquiry from you. If you receive such a request, or have any concern as to the validity of an e-mail from Integrationworx Ltd., a website purporting to be a Integrationworx Ltd. website, or our online security, please notify us immediately by phone. Please attach any suspicious e-mail in its original form, or in the case of a website please include the URL (address of the website) in your notification.

For information on various types of e-mail fraud please visit the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada's website at


"Cookies" are small items of data that websites store in your browser. These data files contain information the site can use to track and organize the pages you have visited, and to gather information. Some of our web-based applications use "cookie" technology to measure site activity and tailor information to fit your personal interests. This helps us deliver a superior website experience that is designed to be fast, secure and personalized.

Traffic analysis

Integrationworx Ltd. collects some limited information about your connection to the Internet. This information includes technical information about the browser version you use, your computer's IP address, which is your numerical address on the Internet that lets our servers know where to send the web pages you view. This information is collected to help design our site, measure traffic and success of our site, and to help diagnose and address problems when they arise.