Platform/Package Implementation and Managed Services

Implement, Develop, and Optimize Software Environments

Deploying new software packages and platforms often runs late and over-budget. Companies commonly are understaffed with the needed new skills. The available staff could reduce schedule and financial risks if they were more familiar with best practices learned from others’ experiences. The situation is similar for developing custom software environments and optimizing production environments.

Integrationworx reduces schedule and cost risks. That makes our clients the get-things-done heroes of their organizations.

Cloud, Hybrid, and On Premise Deployment

  • Implement and operate in the best environment for your technical and business needs
  • Customize software environments to fit your unique needs
  • Integrate new data solutions with valuable legacy systems
  • Optimize operations for best performance and costs

DevOps Execution

  • Automate the processes, collaboration, and hand-offs between agile software development and IT operations teams
  • Shorten planned release cycles to as frequent as needed, even daily
  • Incorporate unplanned work needs without derailing planned priorities
  • Fix issues quickly with ongoing, continuous delivery

Operations and Support Outsourcing

  • Focus your staff on the unique technology functions that support the core activities of your organization
  • Fill skill gaps and increase the technical skill level of the people supporting your operations with outsourced domain experts
  • Apply knowledge of best practices to fit your organization’s unique needs
  • Increase the capacity of your organization to support and optimize the historic and emerging technology that makes your organization both function and thrive
  • Offload project management headcount burdens via managed services that reduce risks and control costs