Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management

Companies are implementing more and more applications in the cloud along with their traditional On Premise systems. This creates numerous versions of the truth within their data such as multiple systems for Customers, Suppliers and Products. Our solutions focus on a centralized process and accurate data for corporate information based on proven methodologies and tool sets. Information then becomes a trusted corporate asset.

The Benefits of MDM Include:

  • Access and analyze data quickly
  • Golden record of your data
  • Ensure data quality, completeness and consistency
  • Increased sales and ROI
  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Great customer experience
  • Greater business user control

Master Data Management Domains


Speed up time to market for products that you manufacture, distribute or sell. Get away from Excel spreadsheets and other partial solutions across all channels including online, mobile, retail stores, catalogues, point of sale (PoS), procurement, and more.

Provide customers with more information about your products and brands enabling them to make informed purchase decisions. Track these purchase decisions to drive product research, development and enhanced decision making allowing you to sell more to your customers.

Product MDM Features and Benefits

  • Faster product launches
  • Greater customer loyalty thanks to high-quality service and information
  • Higher margins and conversion rates in e-commerce
  • Increased sales through smart cross and up-selling
  • Onboard faster to expand your product offerings using automation and workflows
  • Manage media assets

Accurate information about relationships with your customers allow you to better understand how they interact across the company. Clean and timely information about your customers help ensure your systems can deal with householding, more accurate market segmentation and campaigns to increase customers counts and retention.

Customer MDM Features and Benefits

  • Link and synchronize customer information across heterogenous data sources
  • Maintain a central golden record of customers that feed other systems
  • Consolidate by using match and merging algorithms to accurately remove duplicate records
  • Apply governance and process using automation and workflow

Accurate information about your suppliers and the supply chains they represent allow you to optimize these relationships and ensure your systems and decisions are using clean and timely information. Not just the stale data that has been originally transmitted by the suppliers.

Empower your teams to proactively communicate with suppliers and gain visibility into these important relationships. Drive compliance across the supplier life-cycle using accurate vendor data from the initial review, on-boarding and ongoing maintenance.

Supplier MDM Features and Benefits

  • Reduce cost of managing supplier information
  • Insights into contract dollar status, start and end dates, timelines to renew
  • Centralized contact information for product recalls and purchasing histories
  • Secure supplier portal to converse and share data
  • Collaborate with vendors to create better products and interactions with customers

Centrally-managed asset information allow you to better understand where they are located, if they are being utilized properly and accurate maintenance histories. An up to date global view of your assets using trusted data will allow you to make more informed decisions today and forecast better using predictive analytics.

Asset MDM Features and Benefits

  • Consistently track assets with more details and share across all your systems and processes
  • Apply to warehouses, stores
  • Apply to vehicles, shipping methods
  • Apply to oil rigs, inventory, medical devices and facilities